QuickTile Channel Drain

The Quicktile Channel Drain is designed to compliment the Quicktile tile tray wedge. Available in three sizes with removable grill and constructed out of marine grade stainless steel.





Product Features

316 Stainless steel
Removable grill
Compatible with QuickTile Wedge tray
5 year Warranty.


Please confirm with retailer as some items may require “Special Order”
  • QuickTile Channel Drain Kit 800 800x80x20mm Stainless Steel Code: STE1126 SKU: 8913045
  • QuickTile Channel Drain Kit 900 900x80x20mm Stainless Steel Code: STE1133 SKU: 8913047
  • QuickTile Channel Drain Kit 1000 1000x80x20mm Stainless Steel Code: STE1140 SKU: 8913050